Play through this point-click adventure game as Cole Olo, a mercenary and resident of the Cyrberpunk dystopian city "Ark". Cole is at a low point in life where his cruel and generally self-centered attitude has led him up one of life's dark alleys. On this morning, Cole gets a job to take out some mutants that have run free from a science lab in Ark city,
but will Cole find out who the real monster is

This is actually an updated version of this:
But I have, since the game's genesis, lost contact with the other contributor. This version contains an ending.


Download 22 MB


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Played a bit of the game (did not finish it on video) and did something that you can all hopefully enjoy. Although I will say that at the beginning Cole is the kind of person I could see yelling bro, and trying to get drunk off of jello shots. I will say that it brought me a little bit of dark humor in the beginning to see him have problems from the extra info you can get from clicking on items. Abominable is anything but and could warm some people to a game style they may not of thought about before.

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Wow! Thanks for playing Abominable!

Hi! How long is full game? :)

About 20 mins

Cool! How to contact you by email about it?

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